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What do taxy drivers and hooligans have in common?

Seemingly  not much until yesterday… but today we have an answer: stupid free violence.

Yesterday an Italian Lazio supporter was killed by a policeman “by accident”. The narration of this episode is actually not very clear, but the chief of the local police and different members of the government apologised for what had happened and an investigation was started immediately to shed some light on this tragic episode. As it usually happens in cases like this one, stupidity was stronger than the sense of justice. Riots exploded in Rome, 40 policemen were injured, several police cars were burnt, a police station devastated and several other public belongings vandalised: only 4 people were arrested.

Today a demonstration in Buenos Aires took a similar angle. Taxi and bus drivers demonstrated against a new law that introduces a new kind of driving licence, like those existing in countries such as Spain, Italy or France. This kind of license has a “points system”: when someone commits an infraction to the traffic code, he/she loses some points on his/her driving licence. The graver the infraction, the more points are taken off the driving licence, and when there are no more points left, the license is suspended. Taxi and bus drivers spend their day on the streets, driving, so they request to be exempted form this system!
This demonstration too soon turned into a riot and a policeman was severely injured. The amount of violence in these images is just inconceivable if we compare it with what is at stake.

I mean: what is happening? Why are people starting to revolt against the authorities that are meant to protect us without good reasons? Why is violence becoming an option in democratic countries?
I can understand the use of violence when there is an authoritarian regime, when you are fighting to obtain freedom. But we cannot allow people using it just because they don’t agree with the decisions taken by an elected parliament, or worse, just because they don’t trust what is said by public authorities a priori: investigations are beinng led in Italy: why don’t we give them a chance?