One more time

I haven’t been blogging for a while… in fact it has been a complicated week, one in which many things kept my mind busy, realising that a wonderful experience will soon end and that I am not ready for that.

Last week I was given my last files to prepare before my internship is over. I am quite happy of finishing it because, even if at the beginning i found it very interesting and I was excited by this semi-professional experience, I now start seeing that it cannot give me anything more, at least not at the stage of an internship where I cannot be given more responsibility and I learn things myself, with few help from my supervisors. I now have to prepare my report and to give my supervisors a paper with a general evaluation of this experience, and I just don’t know where to start from, it is quite difficult to give a balanced account of something that I haven’t digested yet.

Then are the exams… today I had my last English lesson. It is just unbelievable, I feel as I had started yesterday! And next week at this time I will already have been through my speaking test. Few time is left to prepare the written part and I am starting to feel quite worried.

Furthermore is the weather… summer climatically started today in my views, it is just so hot!

I feel that I won’t even have the time to see this month pass and that I might as well leave tomorrow! Even if I have spent a lot of time here already, I feel that I am just not ready to leave! There are still lots of things to do, to see and to live! I will miss everybody around here so badly! Again… 
I don’t know how I could squeeze more juice from all this. I spend lots of time with my family, I try to do things with them, but I still feel that it isn’t enough, and that I am not getting to know them deeper.

Well… I don’t have much more to say, apart from the fact that one more time I would just like to stop the time, to erase the distances and to have all the beloved ones with me in one same place!


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