A year of political manipulation

Today Gualeguaychú is celebrating a year of interruption of the bridge that connects Gualeguaychú to Fray Bentos. The bridge has been closed by activist that demonstrate against the opening of the Botnia paper mill on the Uruguayan side of the river.

The situation is now becoming more and more ridiculous as the factory has started to operate, and evidence about the low impact of its production is being gathered.
What is worse is that when Botnia was looking for a proper place to settle in, many countries made a bid, including Argentina.
Now the province of Entre Rios is regretting the fact of failing to attract such a huge investment and feels uncomfortable having it just in front of their noses on the other side of the river. Some journals had even pointed out at the fact that the governor of that province at the time of the call for tenders asked for an exorbitant bribe, that the Finns were not willing to pay.
Another thing that Entre Rios probably regrets is that they were trying to create a touristic site on the river and it will now be spoilt by the presence of a huge factory just in front. It would have certainly have hurt less if the factory had been on their side of the river, I suppose…

That political class has now being manipulating the inhabitants of Gualeguaychú (who probably, at least in part, are really convinced of the fact that the factory is dangerous) to create troubles in Uruguay. 
The closure of that bridge has in fact meant a series of economical problems for Uruguay, who lost on important access to commerce routes and  to Punta del Este, where usually Argentinian tourists abound.

Wouldn’t it be time to just accept what has happened and let life calmly resume ?


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