A busy week of inactivity

In the last 7 days I haven’t really been that busy. At work I am waiting for my boss to assign me a new job and in the meanwhile I am quite free. My “rational” hemisphere tells me I should profit from this free time to prepare my English exam (that is starting on 8th December… jeez…), my History exam and my Internship report, as I have one month left to do it all….

The problem is that my “Enjoy the life and take at least some weeks of rest in 2007” hemisphere is prevailing and trying to suffocate its twin-brother. As a consequence I have almost finished all the possible tests you can take on Facebook, I have read bunches of British newspapers and seen at least a dozen episodes of criminal minds and CSI, trying to persuade myself that it could be useful for my listening and reading skills, while perfectly knowing that I was just waisting my time.

Could anyone just bring me back to reality and motivate me to work?!?!?!
Otherwise I know that I will start 2008 in a very depressed mood, I will probably complete my mutation into a bookworm and hate the world because everybody is enjoying Christmas’s holidays but me!


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